Why get a wallhugger frame?

For starters, Wallhugger frames allow you to convert your futon to a sleeper without scratching the wall.  Many (non-wallhugger) futon frames require 8″-10″ clearance away from the wall.  The mechanism when converting (non-wallhugger) goes back and down. This means that you either have to position your futon away from the wall at all times or move the frame and give proper clearance when sleeping…  As you might guess, not a fun nightly task for every nights sleep!

A wallhugger frame is designed so the frame can be positioned against the wall at all times.  It converts down and out, away from the wall! No more moving the frame out from the wall every time the futon is converted!!

Wallhuggers are our most popular frames and they are up to 30% off for a limited time!!

Come down and check out our selection of Wallhuggers!


Durango Pecan Wall hugger

Was $560.95 Now $392.67 You Save $168.29
**price includes 30% discount

Wallhugger frames in similar finishes


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