Grab a matching end table or storage drawers to compliment your futon!


Matching End Tables, Coffee Tables, Storage Drawers and other Furniture Accessories:
Our collection of contemporary and stylish Matching Tables, Storage Drawers and Furniture Accessories offer something for everyone. Help to anchor a room with wooden tables and drawers to match every hardwood futon frame we carry (in handsome Dark Cherry, Maple, Oak or Cappuccino finishes).Table Accessories are available in all the colors of our hardwood frames, in sweet and petite end tables and matching coffee tables. Bottom rack of tables gives you furniture with some built in storage. Complete the look of your futon or your room with these handsome and useful furniture accessories.Storage Drawers work with every all of our hardwood frames (both loveseats and full size frames) and easily slide underneath each futon frame. These handy and spacious storage drawers add yet another level of functionality to our futon frames and can easily be used to store sleeping pillows, blankets, sheets, or extra futon covers.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Can you make the pictures link back to the products you sell on the website? I wanted to see how much that table costs, but it just goes to an image of the table!


  2. OK, there you go Mr. Mattress Aficionado!


  3. Thank Mr. Futon Man!


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