It Changed my life!

I had a customer in last month that was looking for something different  funky and cozy for a party he was throwing.   I suggested a Bean Bag Lounger?  I was thinking  it would be pretty cool at a party to chill out on huge Bean Bag?  Right?

The guy took my advice and went for the purchase!

I ran into him at a coffee shop a couple of weeks later and I asked him how the Bean Bag worked out? He replied and quite loudly for a small coffee shop  ” Oh My God! That Thing Changed My life!! After cracking up for a minute, I asked if that was good or bad?    He replied “Awesome!”  Then went on to say that him and his girlfriend use it all the time!!  Then, the guy winked at me… He told me that all his roommates fight over who gets to lay on it while they hang out in the family room.

I don’t think the roommates would be fighting over the Bean Bag  knowing  him and his girl “use it all the time”  LOL

True story!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I almost snorted coffee out my nose!


  2. Sounds like the customer could use a few more……..


  3. sounds like the guy could use a few more…….great story!


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