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Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the direct effect your (or your company’s) actions and practices have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Probably the biggest contributors to the furniture industry’s footprint are transportation, and electricity demands in manufacturing and retail establishments.

The Futon shop is a local establishment! We are located in San Francisco. We specialize in Organic mattresses.
Our long-fiber USDA-certified Organic Cotton is grown naturally to give you a soft pillow-like feeling. We compress our cotton cores to just the right density to maintain softness yet offer support. For many mattresses we add Virgin Wool for a cushier, softer feel; the light fluffy wool fiber has a crimped construction that acts like a spring. We use naturally long crimp wool grown in the United States, that does not have to be artificially crimped like New Zealand wool. Using our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton mattress protectors will add extra softness and pure protection that you deserve.

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