Gained weight lately? How are you sleeping??

You might have heard that side sleepers like to use a softer or plusher mattress.  You might also have heard, back sleepers prefer a much firmer/ harder sleeping surface.  I agree! However, I think that your body weight plays an important factor as well.  A 220lb back sleeper, would need a much firmer core than a 120lb back sleeper.  The same goes for the side sleeper. For example:  I’m a side sleeper and tend to toss and turn quite often.  For years I slept on a firm tempered steel coil mattress that had maybe a couple inches of a soft poly/cotton top.  I loved it!  I also weighed 185lbs then.  After switching to a medium density foam core bed with a nice soft cotton top, I sleep much sounder at 225lbs.

My parents ended up using my old mattress for one of their spare bedrooms.  After gaining a few pounds over the years, when I visit the folks they’re always pushing me to sleep on my old mattress.  I can’t sleep a wink on it.  It feels like a rock.  So now, I just crash on the sofa which is a hell of a lot more comfortable (to me) than the firm mattress in the spare bedroom that I once loved…

To some it up, if you’ve experienced some weight gain or loss and don’t seem to be getting a good nights sleep.  You might want to try out a new mattress!

-The Futon Man


3 responses to this post.

  1. Good One! And I agree, I think I am in dire need of a new mattress!


  2. is that Peligrini?


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