Dorm Life!

Going off to college is exciting in many ways, but few match the excitement of living the Dorm Life! Being away from home for the first time, living among friends and fellow students, all working hard toward a bright future… it’s important to feel at home and comfortable in that new little abode. And that’s why having the right dorm furniture is crucial to spending a happy time on campus.

Probably the most important thing to consider before buying any furniture is the size of the dorm room. We all know these tend to be on the small end of the spectrum (it’s just part of the charm of going to college!), so taking measurements is really the ideal first step. Once you’ve measured the dorm you might want to try to visualize it with certain key furniture items you already know you want. (A really great idea is to take a photo of the dorm room and do a collage on your computer at home with pictures of dorm furniture you’ve downloaded from the web.)  Then check out The Futon Shop for your furnishing needs!

-The Futon Man


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