About The Futon Shop and our commitment to the planet, our country, and your health and comfort:

The mission of The Futon shop is to deliver environmentally-friendly, American-made products that promote better living and a good night’s sleep. Founded in 1976, The Futon Shop has been making premium mattresses for futon sofa beds and sofa sleepers for more than 30 years now. Futon is a Japanese word that describes the padded sleeping mattresses that are typically folded and stored away during the day; we and others discovered that the futon idea could be adapted to create a comfy and economical sofa bed or convertible sleeper.

Back when we started, not many people were concerned about being “eco-friendly”, but from the very beginning, The Futon Shop was dedicated to making all natural and organic futons and bedding. We didn’t think about the science or medical aspects back then—we were just hippies who wanted to sleep on natural materials instead of chemicals. Since then, we have all realized that natural materials are also good for the planet. They don’t pollute, reduce our supply of non-renewable resources or contribute to global warming in the way that traditional mattresses manufactured with petrochemicals do. As our awareness has increased, we have embraced the pursuit of the truly carbon neutral futon sofa bed. We believe that when people realize that organic mattresses are not just better for your health and the planet, but just as comfortable and affordable as conventional mattresses to that everyone will make the switch to organic bedding on one of our wonderful sofa sleepers.

We are also proud to be an American owned and operated futon sofa bed business, emphasizing and seeking out products that support American workers and contributing to our economy instead of allowing jobs and money to flow overseas. We feature American-designed futon frames from U.S. manufacturers as well as U.S.-made coils for our innerspring mattresses, Texas-grown organic cotton for our cotton mattresses, and many other products which together keep thousands of American workers employed.

We also practice what we preach in the way we treat our own employees. While many businesses export their jobs overseas so they can pay less in wages and enjoy less environmental oversight, The Futon Shop has always made its products right here in the U.S. We work hard to be a good corporate citizen and to treat employees fairly in our central San Francisco manufacturing base and 11 California locations. That makes us a small business in a global economy dominated by the Walmarts and Targets of the world, but we have chosen to grow gradually so we can stay focused on quality.

With The Futon Shop, you know exactly what you are getting throughout all of our more than 30 premium ingredient futon mattresses, and along with an extensive line of sustainably grown wooden futon sofa bed frames and custom sewn futon covers in a broad range of fabrics, colors and patterns… Its easy to see why so many people turn to The Futon Shop when they need a futon sofa bed, folding foam bed or sofa sleeper! That’s what’s made us America’s Number One Futon Sofa Bed Store!!!

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  1. Posted by Wendy on March 15, 2011 at 1:47 am

    Very nice….


  2. Posted by Sam on March 15, 2011 at 4:35 am

    Good stuff, keep it up!


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