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Organic Baby Crib Mattresses

The first thing you need to know is that The Futon Shop organic baby crib mattresses with washable organic mattress covers are made with organic cotton and because of that don’t have all the toxins that other mattresses have.  Children who sleep on these types of mattresses grow up healthier and are less likely to visit the doctor without all the chemicals inside. 

Here are a couple benefits to consider !

No chemicals –  The first benefit is your child won’t be sleeping on a chemical filled mattress.  The Futon Shop’s crib mattresses have nothing but organic cotton and other material making up this crib mattress.

Longer lasting – The reason they last longer is because they don’t have any chemicals that are eating away at the material and because of this your mattress won’t rip, tear, or break apart as easy.


Here at The Futon Shop we make mattress’s for your babies crib! Two great options to choose from are The Lullaby Crib Mattress and The Hush-a-Bye Baby Organic Mattress.  The Lullaby is 100% natural organic cotton for extra softness. The Hush-a-Bye mattress has 2 layers of natural latex and is wrapped in organic cotton for a firmer feel. Both would be a great investment for your new bundle of joy! Come down to your local futon shop to try it out today!

Organically Yours,


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