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Do the kids have a tree house?

Wow, check out this blog on tree houses! 

Talk about neat!

When I was a kid, me and a buddy of mine build a tree house that was double a decker with a brick fire place and I thought we were cool!  lol  You know if I had kids and helped them build one, a futon wouldn’t be a bad idea for it!

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35 Year Anniversary for The Futon Shop!


Come on in to The Futon Shop in San Mateo and take a look at the new textures and patterns that are available for your futon!  When you buy a new cover for your set, it’s like buying a new sofa!  Now, celebrating our 35 Year Anniversary, The Futon Shop is offering 40%  microfiber suede covers.  Also, If you buy a futon frame or a platform bed at regular price we will give you 50% off any futon mattress!  Or, receive 20% off store wide!  Whatever works for you!

Come in and tell them The Futon Man sent you!

Spare Bedroom Space?

The luxury of having a guest room that is only used for the use of your overnight guests is something that many people do not have the room for in their home. A futon with a high quality futon mattress in an extra bedroom can allow you to use the room when you don’t have guests staying with you.

Futons are the perfect choice for a quick bed for someone who is staying with you and can be folded up to turn the room into a sitting room or a place to curl up with a good book when you are home alone. To set up your guest bedroom to double as a sitting room, start with a good quality futon and futon mattress.

The Futon Shop in San Mateo has over 33 variety’s of Futons to try out!

-The Futon shop

Eco Friendly Bed Frames!!!!

The Futon Shop offer these gorgeous beds from Night and Day, which is a eco-friendly company.  The wood is rubber wood, which is forested in Malaysia. We also offer matching case goods. The wood we get for this product are harvested from rubber plantations, which are replanted with a 25 year rotation.

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