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Futon Sets

You know these futon sets with free shipping is a great deal! You can pick out a Wallhugger Frame with a removable washable Microfiber Cover with a 8″ Egyptian Cotton  Futon for $820 Delivered!!  The frames have a 5 year warranty with 7yrs on the cover and futon. 

Sounds like a deal to me!

-The Futon Man

Central Park Music Series Starts June 23rd!

I actually live right next to San Mateo’s Central Park and just love the Music series!  They feature different BBQ-ed food and plenty of beer and wine.  You are also allowed to bring your own food and drink!!

Central Park Music Series Whether you are looking to socialize with friends, g et some much needed family time,  or dance the night away,  the 2011 season is sure to be a great time.  Central Park Music Series Starts June 23rd!  Every Thursday through August 11th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Join the fun!!

-The Futon Man

Nightmares are common!

How many of us as a child have had Nightmares (bad dreams) and ran to our parents room to find comfort  in the middle of the night?  Well, I sure have!

What Exactly Is a Nightmare?

Almost everyone gets them once in a while — adults, as well as kids.  A nightmare is a bad dream.  It can may make you feel scared, or upset, but nightmares are not real and can’t harm you!

While you sleep, your brain doesn’t just turn off.  It goes through several sleep stages, including REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, sleep.  Why do they call it that?  Because during this stage of sleep, your eyes move back and forth under your closed eyelids. During REM sleep, you have dreams and sometimes those dreams can be scary or upsetting.

About every 90 minutes your brain switches between non-REM sleep and REM sleep.  The amount of time spent in REM sleep increases with each sleep cycle through the night. The longest periods of REM sleep occur towards morning. If you wake during this REM stage, it is easier for you to remember what you were dreaming about.  That’s why your most vivid dreams — and nightmares — occur in the early morning hours.

Remedies:   Read or watch something inspiring. You can also visualize a tranquil scene or imagine yourself doing something you enjoy. Whatever you’re thinking just prior to sleep can have a huge impact on your dreams.  Thinking negative thoughts while you fall asleep are often causes of bad dreams!

-The Futon Man

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s day with a few Irish Jokes!

How do two Irish men change a light bulb?  One holds the bulb and the other starts drinking until the room spins.

Two Irish mothers, Kate and Lorna were talking about their sons.  Kate says, ‘My Patrick is such a saint. He works hard, doesn’t smoke, and he hasn’t so much as looked at a woman in over two years.’  Lorna responds, ‘Well, my Francis is a saint himself. Not only hasn’t he not looked at a woman in over three years, but he hasn’t touched a drop of liquor in all that time.’  ‘My word,’ says Kate, ‘You must be so proud.’  ‘I am,’ announces Lorna, ‘And when he’s paroled next month, I’m going to throw him a big party.’

An Irish Man is sitting in the pub with his wife and he says, “I love you.” She asks, “Is that you or the beer talking?” He replies, “It’s me talking to the beer.”

A good laugh always helps, and more so when it is celebration time!

-The Futon Man

Eco Friendly Bed Frames!!!!

The Futon Shop offer these gorgeous beds from Night and Day, which is a eco-friendly company.  The wood is rubber wood, which is forested in Malaysia. We also offer matching case goods. The wood we get for this product are harvested from rubber plantations, which are replanted with a 25 year rotation.

Organically Yours,


We fit the way you love to live!

Oh I Love my Ellen!! She cracks me up!! But isn’t it true..your  cat when you go on vacation pees or you know what on your bed or futon.  Working at The Futon Shop for so many years,  I have sold so many customers new futon mattresses because of their cats being mad at them.  Also, Ellen points out so comically how we all have are particular way we like to sleep.  Well, that is why The Futon Shop has made is so easy to choose because we made more than thirty three kinds of mattresses. We fit the way you love to live..or sleep 🙂

Organically yours,


Have you ever?

Check out The Futon Shop

Have you ever had a futon. Please tell us about  your experience. Was it a good or bad one? Was it given to you? Did it get lumpy..or did it last? I like to hear other’s experience of their futon experience. Some people do not even know what a futon is!  I have have slept and used futons since i was i find it funny how some people think they are not used to sleep.

Organically yours,


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