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Organic Sleeping

Before I started  at The Futon Shop.  I wasn’t really interested about organic sleeping…

Now after working here  a number years, thankfully I have been educated on what organic sleeping is all about!  For starters I had no idea what latex in a mattress was?  I had no idea what soy-foam is?

Do you?

Help our planet and do yourself a favor and check it out!!

Click on the picture above!!!

-The Futon Man


The New Relaxer is an awesome mattress from our Royal Contour Mattress Collection! This mattress features eco-friendly soy foam plus 733 individually pocketed coils. Very reminiscent of a traditional spring mattress but is insulated by 2 inch hybrid foam on both sides for extra support. The individually pocketed coils help transfer motion to provide you with a great night sleep and not get disrupted from your partner.

Organically Yours,



Here at The Futon Shop we take pride in every single mattress we design! These two particular mattress’s are some of our customers favorite items from our Comfort Care Collection. The Support Plus and the Pure Comfort Mattress consists of pocketed coils, organic cotton,  soy foam and virgin wool. These mattress’s are very great when you have guest that are use to sleeping on traditional spring mattress’s but are definitely very comfortable for everyday usage! The 3 inches of pocketed coils add a very unique comfort level when layered with our cotton and soy foam! Stop by your local Futon Shop Store to try one out today!


Organically Yours,


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