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Multi-functional Furniture!!

This piece of multi-functional furniture from The Futon Shop can change from a beautiful dark wooden chest to a drop down twin or queen size bed!   Many people I have spoke with over the last year or two have been downsizing and choosing to save money renting a studio rather than a one bedroom…  This chest works perfect in a small space!  It operates like a Murphy Bed,  Just dropping down as a soft comfortable bed at night and a functional piece of furniture with storage draws when closed! And like the Murphy Bed, our Organic Futons are hand made in San Francisco!!

William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), applied for a patent for the Murphy bed on April 1, 1916, and was granted Design Patent D49,273 on June 27, 1916. Murphy started the Murphy Wall Bed Company and began production in San Francisco. In January 1990, the company changed its name to the “Murphy Bed Co. Inc.”.

In 1989, an appellate court held that the term “Murphy Bed” is no longer entitled to trademark cover because a substantial majority of the public perceive the term as a generic term for a bed that folds into a wall, rather than the specific model made by the Murphy Bed Co

A little piece of History!

-The Futon Man

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